for your best memories . . .
puffin enjoying the sunshine

Welcome to the Skye by Sea website, where you'll find all the info you need to plan and book your trip with us.

We're a small team specialising in boat trips around the north-west coast of the enchanting Isle of Skye. All our trips provide you with the opportunity of spotting some of the incredible local wildlife - including seals, golden eagles, terns, sea eagles, puffins and several species of whales and dolphins, whilst drawing on the rich seams of history and legend of the Island.

We also offer private charter mini cruises, fishing trips and private charter photographic trips.

All trips are set against the backdrop of the most magnificent scenery on one of Europe's top island destinations.

Whatever trip you decide to make with us, our experienced and knowledgeable skipper and crew will ensure your passage aboard the Highland Lady is a safe and pleasant one, providing you with some very special memories to take home.

No matter whether you're here to immerse yourself in the stunning landscape, the abundance of wildlife, or the fascinating culture, we would tell you all of Skye looks clearer and better from the sea.

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